Welcome to the Alexander Capelluto Foundation!

You could never accuse Alex of being lazy. He was always doing – thinking, helping, learning, living, loving. How could we sit back and not do?

And so we did.

Alex’s generosity of spirit and the tremendous kindness we have been shown by family, friends, and strangers inspired us to create the Alexander Capelluto Foundation. Starting in 2007, students at Alex’s alma maters will receive the first ACF grants and will be on their way to changing their communities and fulfilling their academic dreams.

What can you do? ACF Grants will not be possible without generous funding. Please donate to the Foundation and send all your friends and family to www.alexcap.org to do the same!

Plus, check out our new website with photos, videos, background on the grants, and a place for you to share your memories! Start posting!

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