In early October 2007, 9 Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trip (FOOT) leaders organized a fundraiser in Washington, VT. Students Greg Lipstein, Willy Cass, John Mittermeir, Bevan Dowd, Ross Kennedy-Shaffer, Laura Chandhok, Mackenzie Wehner, Diana Mosca, and Gideon Bradburd spent the day painting a barn on Cilla Kellert’s farm and raised over $1000 for ACF.

Cilla writes, “We completed our goal with lots of laughs and good energy. The weather was beautiful and we were able to end our day with a walk up to the top of our hill that has a panoramic view of the Green Mountains to watch the sunset… We made a toast to Alex and his spirit was very much with us. As you know, these students were classmates of Alex and miss him the most.”

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