I write to convey my heartfelt … thanks for your generous scholarship. Thanks to your gift, I was able to take a seminar on the historian Flavius Josephus with a guest professor. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and one that is already forming the basis for my summer plans (and perhaps future study). I certainly would have been at a disadvantage in a class like this without the course packet…I want to thank you again for your assistance and the existence of the program as a whole. (J.A.)

This class is very important to me, and has already proven to be one of the best taught and most insightful classes I have taken so far at Yale. I do, however, feel at a disadvantage as I am unable to afford the books, and so must rely on copies being available at the library. Already this year I have been unable to find the right edition or the actual text I am looking for. As an English major I think this is a class I could do very well in, but the limited access I have to the material is hindering my progress. I love these poets and would be honored to own their works even outside of the classroom, but in this instance am being severely hampered by my inability to afford the texts. (H. O.)

Let me first extend my most sincere gratitude for the time, energy, and resources you’ve put in to make this scholarship a reality. Such efforts really speak to Alex’s memory. Not only is the motivation exceptional, but what that motivation… effects is even more exceptional. It seeks to fill a very large gap…. So many “incidental expenses” aren’t included in even the most generous packages, yet these expenses are very real. In my case, I … work during the semester, not to pay off tuition and housing, the direct educational costs, but to pay off the “incidental expenses,” the cost of living in New Haven or the cost of books, for example. And I do this at the expense of my parents, who are left to pay what I realistically cannot… (T.P.)

First, I just want to thank you guys so much for providing me with the funds to purchase my finance theory textbooks, which were extremely expensive (totaled around 400 something dollars). I studied extremely hard for this course and ended up with a solid A in the class, and I could not have done this without the help of your fund. I am hoping to pursue a career in finance after I graduate so this course was very important to me. Thus, I can’t thank your foundation enough for providing me with the monetary support to purchase my textbooks. (H.L.)

Again, I am so appreciative of your foundation’s generosity – if I hadn’t received a grant to pay for all the required reading … I definitely would not have been able to take this class because of the expenses. If this grant is available in the future (next semester, next year, etc), I would love to know about the opportunity to apply so that I may be able to take more interesting classes like this one – thanks again! (D. F.)

I think it’s great what you’re doing… Financial aid can be a scary thing for a lot of undergrads. I’m blessed enough with my FA officer in that I really feel she cares about my case. I know plenty who don’t have the same relationship and well, people like you help push aside the doubts that is all this money worth it and simply let them enjoy the opportunity that is Yale. (A. A.)

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I feel words cannot describe the happiness I feel … knowing I will be able to take this photography class without it being a burden on me or my family… I owe you much more than the opportunity to take a class I would not have otherwise taken. (T. M. D.)

I am very thankful for the grant from the Promise Fund. Specifically, this grant helps me pay for the books that I use in my Formation of Modern American Culture class. FORMAC is the first history course that I have taken here at Yale … It has definitely inspired me to pursue my interest in American history further. (M.C.)

Thank you so much for your generous scholarship! I used the scholarship to purchase the textbook for my Probability and Statistics class… As an Economics and Mathematics major, this course will be invaluable to my future studies, and probably to my future career. Thank you again for your support! It has been very helpful to me on my academic journey. (B.A.)

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