About Alexander

Alex’s extraordinary intelligence and goodness, his indomitable spirit, fortitude and wonderful sense of humor inspired everyone who knew him, for he was “the real thing”, “a good egg.”

In high school, his imprint was everywhere. Elected valedictorian by his classmates, he touched the lives of everyone. He served as class president for four years, chairman of the Model UN club, president of the Jazz Ensemble, ad hoc reporter for the weekly paper, and player/manager on the basketball team. Alex excelled academically, graduating with honors in Mathematics, History, English and Science. He was elected to the Cum Laude Society, awarded the Joseph Chase Award in Mathematics, and received a National Merit Scholarship as well as the Scholarship for Academic Excellence from the State of New York.

At Yale, his pursuit of challenges continued unabated. As a freshman, he walked onto the Heavyweight Men’s Crew Team, packing on 20 lbs. and pushing himself to match the strength of his much bigger teammates. In sophomore year, he brought that determination to the Lightweight Men’s Crew Team and rowed in the 3V boat. Not content simply with pushing his physical limits, Alex tackled advanced courses in Physics, History, and Mathematics, maintaining an almost perfect GPA. It was not all work and no play, however: thanks to a glowing ‘Rolling Rock’ sign and his ‘always welcome’ attitude, Alex’s room was famous for friendship, good music and energetic dancing.

Alex’s passions extended far beyond school. At 3, his family took him to Wyoming, and he went on to hike and horseback ride until his death at 20. At 13, he learned guitar and became an accomplished rock and jazz musician, performing in his own band. Before his 16th birthday, he earned his black belt in karate. His energy was unbounded and he applied it to everything he did.

But Alex is remembered not for these accomplishments. He is remembered as a strong, kind, loving, and vibrant friend, brother and son, profoundly human.

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